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50 EXTRA LARGE Wee Wee Pads. Puppy Training Pads. 28″ X 30″ Oversized Extra Large Puppy Pads, Dog Potty Training. Extra Thick Puppy Potty Training Leak Protection with Super Absorption & Odor Control Housebreaking Pads. Large Potty Pads For Small Or Large Dogs & Multiple Pets. Buy Bulk Extra Large Training Pads to Save Money & Time Now

At Last, Extra Large Wee Wee Pads Housebreaking Puppy Training Pads That Save You Time, Money & Stress…No More Washing Pet Bedding, Mopping Floors, Offensive Odors Or Damaged Rugs…

The latest liquid absorbent technology saves you cleaning up messy spills & embarrassing accidents, so you can walk out of the house knowing everything is taken care of…

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(as of 06/20/2015 at 06:26 UTC)