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Pet dog Bite Prevention Week

by The Paw Expert
in Blog
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New pet dog bite prevention suggestions, news and helpful information posted every day this week.

Upgraded: May 20, 2011, 3 a.m. EDT

dog wait for mailmanKnowing the cause of your canine’s aggression is key to fixing it.

National Pet Bite Prevention Week comes to a close this weekend. We hope you have actually enjoyed the tips and info on responsible pet ownership. Check back day-to-day for the current news.

Updated 5/20/2011 *:

* Doggone Safe
Doggone Safe, a nonprofit that educates children about pet dog bite prevention, made strategies to teach 50,000 youngsters about dog security to mark Canine Bite Prevention Week More>>>

> * How to Assist an Aggressive Canine
Understanding the cause of your pet dog’s habits issue is crucial to correcting it. More>>

> > Did You Know?Approximately two-thirds of bites occur on or near the victim’s home, and the majority of victims knew the pet dog. Nip Play Biting in the Bud Our professional trainer describes an enjoyable and
effective method to stop your dog from playing biting. More > > Risk With Unknown Pet dogs Not every pet is male’s friend.

Make certain that you know the best ways to act around unfamiliar pets. More > > Did You Know?The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention record that a chained dog is 2.8>

times most likely to bite than an unchained canine. A Video game the entire Family Can Play Including your children in your canine’s training reduces the possibilities of dog-bites-kid.

More > > My Fighter Mix Guards His Food
It’s possible to train an adult pet dog not to be food aggressive, but it takes work. More > > Did You Know?Out of those who are bitten by a pet dog, 1in 5 need medical interest for injuries. Stop a Pet dog From Vehicle Guarding Pets inside cars might end up being aggressive if individuals elbow in on their territory. More > > Ways to Avoid Dog Bites Decrease the danger of your dog biting. More > > Did You Know?Among kids, the occurrence of dog-bite injuries is the highest for those between the ages of 5 to 9 years of age. Don’t Bite the Hand that Drops off Your Mail Today, the Postal Service released data highlighting the cities where the most dog attacks took place across the country. See the Postal Service

leading 10 Avoid Being Bitten by a Dog The American Veterinary Medical Association offers these following suggestions … More > > Pet dog Bite Wounds in People Find out the most common conditions for bite injuries and what you should watch out for. More > > Did You Know?According to the Insurance Information Institute, dog attacks made up more than one-third of all

homeowners’insurance coverage liability beliefs paid out in 2010, costing almost$413 million.>

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